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Reevaldo: fallout from the defamation saga

What happens when a footballer has a falling out with his club? Where does the dispute get heard - domestically or internationally? Does it matter if the player involved is a foreign/international player? What issues are involved? When would a player have grounds to terminate his contract, and what are the consequences for doing so? What would a new club need to consider when signing such a player? We consider all these issues and more in a new 2 part Reevaldo series. 

Who is Reevaldo?

What goes on during transfer negotiations? What do agents really do? How does a player from one country end up representing another country in international football?

We hope to shine light on these issues, and many more, in an engaging and accessible way. In order to do this, we thought it would be fun to chronicle the careers of two fictional footballers, starting with the young Brazilian striker, Reevaldo.