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FIFA’s investigation into Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United – smoking gun or smoke without fire?

The big news story in football last week was that FIFA is “investigating” Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United. But who is doing the investigating, and who is under investigation? What are they looking for and, most importantly, what could be the consequences for the club, player and agent? Tiran Gunawardena provided an analysis of the events of last week in an article for the Independent.

Who is Reevaldo?

What goes on during transfer negotiations? What do agents really do? How does a player from one country end up representing another country in international football?

We hope to shine light on these issues, and many more, in an engaging and accessible way. In order to do this, we thought it would be fun to chronicle the careers of two fictional footballers, starting with the young Brazilian striker, Reevaldo.